(Board of Implementation Self - Employment Schemes of Govt. of Maharashtra)

Maharashtra Self-employment Training Board (MSTB) is actively working since last 15 years in generating employment & self-employment. To highlight its professional work environment, MSTB is ISO 9001:2008 certified. To reduce unemployment MSTB is continually providing professional, agriculture; technical as well as self-employment based training in various fields to educated unemployed, farmers, mahila bachat gat, students etc. from all walks of life. MSTB is conducting various welfare and training programs which are sponsored by Maharashtra government for the people who are based even in remote areas. Pan India as working area, MSTB has authorised training centres (ATCs) in all districts to provide training. All students are certified with government approved certificate after successfully completing training program from those ATCs in various fields. As on today through MSTB thousands of students have successfully completed training in various fields. Many of them have successfully started various industries & also provided employment to various other people. MSTB is taking initiatives & conducting seminars & road shows for unemployed youth & various self-employed. Various departments of Maharashtra government & well known personalities have acknowledged & rewarded the excellent work done by MSTB to address the issue of unemployment. As on today MSTB is conducting various training programs which are under Government of Maharashtra’s various departments & providing benefits to unemployed youth at various places. MSTB is continually providing support to the unemployed and remains a bridge between Government of Maharashtra & society of deprived.

Main aim is to provide “SKILL TRAINING IN INDIA”