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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of courses designed to meet a variety of
learning requirements all completed with the coveted Academy Certificate.



Cosmetology careers are careers dedicated to enhancing people’s appearances. Cosmetologists can specialize in Skin care, machine facials, make up and beauty techniques, hair care and coloring, maintain hygiene standards, manicure and pedicure and all aspects of physical beauty.

Diploma in Beauty,Hair
and Make Up


If you are looking to embark on an exciting new career, Or if you want to open your own Salon or want to make a career Internationally you need a Diploma certification to obtain license and practice. This Diploma is apt and designed to equip you with the knowledge, practical skills and industry-required training to be able do this with confidence.

Professional Bridal Makeup


As a Makeup Artist you can work at salons, spas, retail and department stores, bridal boutiques and so many more types of businesses. But mainly one can work as a freelancer because the work is so portable, and can choose to market themselves as specialists in weddings and special events.

Students say

Sarvari Khan


I am very happy to say that I have also been a part of ArtistryPro Beauty Academy, It was such an awesome experience during attending classes. Sapna Mam & Sushma Mam you both are my inspiration I got to learn a lot from you both and because of you mam's I'm become so capable to open my own salon called "Magic Touch" I will always be thankful to ArtistryPro

Ruby Hasamuddin Shaikh


ArtistryPro Beauty Academy has given direction and shape to my dreams. I have learnt a lot of things here, apart from the amazing hairstyles and make up techniques, I got a lot of work experience with them how the real business of make up artist works, I got a lot product knowledge with them. Over all I can say that the whole team of ArtistryPro Beauty Academy moulded me into a professional makeup artist. Thank you so much for the support!

Durga Jaiswal


The best decision I ever made for myself ! ArtistryPro Beauty Academy is a great academy to learn everything you need to know make up! And you can retake classes if you want at no additional charge! I enjoyed the whole week of classes, thank you Sapna Mam super helpful and friendly. Thank you Sapna Mam for the opportunity to learn more and for providing all the tool I need to succeed in this profession! Sapna Mam & Shree Mam were very informative and very helpful in answering all of my questions. You have been always been an excellent educator who knew how to illuminate a soul with its light amazing teacher Sapna Mam and you deserve the best!!

Sneha Bahekar


Becoming part of ArtistryPro Beauty Academy was one of the best decision in my life .in fact it was a life changer for me.. Where I found myself and that's why I actually found out what I exactly want to do in life ...always thanking Sapna mam, Sushma mam, Shree mam.. "Trust me its not just Academy ...itS Family". I know words are not doing justice but that was best time which I spent in ArtistryPro Beauty Academy...Sending lots of Love

Beauty Academy
We are in the industry over 15years!


Whether just starting out in your career, want a change of direction, or are returning to work, the Beauty Industry offers a wide choice of potential career pathways.

Open 6 days a week and in the evenings if you want to train full time or part time to fit in with your family, the beauty industry has a job there waiting for you…..and we guarantee you a job interview! nationally and Intentionally depending on your grading .

To work in the industry you must be qualified, and the courses and training we offer at ArtistryPro Beauty Academy are focused on ensuring you with the qualifications and skills to move straight into the career pathway you decide on. We believe in creating small entrepreneurs, hence would support Therapists open their own Salons end to end, or become Mobile Therapists, our Career Advisors can help with what you need to do if this is your ambition.


WHY ArtistryPro

We offer Government Certified Courses from Maharashtra Self- Employment Training Board (MSTB) at ArtistryPro Beauty Academy

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of courses designed to meet a variety of learning requirements in Beauty,Hair ,Make Up & Cosmetology completed with Maharashtra Self Employement Training Board Certificate. We've got you covered if you're a Beginner or want to up that level from basic .

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