Advance Nail Artist Course

Nail Art

Foundation -
Nail Anatomy and Nail Structure
Hygiene Method
Tools & Material
Introduction to Nail Types, Problems and Solutions
Customer Consultation & Professional Ethics
Prepare for Nail Art Services
Prep for Nail Art and Extensions -
Prep for Nail Art and Extension and Contra-indications
Applying Extensions
Design - Ombre/Gradient Design
Flower Design
Various Attractive Design
Water Marble
Rhinestone, Flat Stones, Peals and other Designs
Glitter Design
Nail Stickers
Free Hand Art
Art Pen Design
Nail Piercing
3 D Nail Art design

Acrylic Extension

Introduction to Product and Tools
Acrylic Extension
Acrylic French Extension
Acrylic Extension Refill
Acrylic Inbuilt Design

UV Gel Extension

Introduction to Product andTools
UV Gel Extension
UV Gel French Extension
UV Gel Extension Refill
UV Gel Inbuilt Design
UV Gel Sculpting – Form Extension
Toe Extension

Gel Polish

Permanent Gel polish procedure
Basic Gel Polish
French Gel Polish
Gel Polish Refill
Gel Polish Removal
Design in Gel Polish

Advance 3D design

Crome Nail Paint
Dip Acrylic Nail Extension
4D Design

Manicure and Pedicure

Basic Manicure
Basic Pedicure
Hands on experience on models.