Advance Hairstylist Course


Hair wash & Shampoo conditioning
Color Wash

Ironing (temporary straightening )
Blow Dry setting (Straight,In & Out Curls)
Hot roller setting
Permanent Straightening

Hair Cuts
Short Basic and Long Hair cuts
Long Basic and Long Hair Cuts

Chemical Treatment

Rebounding & Smoothening
Heena application

Hair Treatments
Advance hair oil treatments
Hair fall treatment
Dandruff treatment
Basic & Advance hair Spa

Hair Colors
Global Color
Root touch up
Basic Highlights
Advance Highlights
Low lights
Highlight & low light combination
Backcomb Highlight technique
Pinwheel Hair color technique
Ombre Hair color technique
Dip Dye Hair color technique
Bleach Bathing Hair

Hair Styles

Introduction for Hair Styling
Introduction to Hair Style & History of hairstyling
Safety & Sanitation
Proper client etiquettes
Introduction to Styling products and Tools.
Preparing hair for Hairstyling – Understanding hair quality, texture, density and what do you need to get desired hairstyle.

Hair sectioning and Hair Parting
Concept behind Hair sectioning
How to achieve a neat scalp parting
Vertical Sections
Horizontal Sections
Diagonal Sections
Sectioning Hair with 04 section parting
Sectioning Hair with 07 section parting
Sectioning Hair with T parting

Different types of pins
Which pin to use for what purpose
Knowing where to pin to get best results
How to pin in a way that client is comfortable
How to hide pins
How to remove pins

How to straighten hair like a pro
How to curl hair with a straightener

How to use a curling tong
How to do curling with tongs
How to achieve stunning curls using variety of tongs, clips and setting methods

How to use hair crimper for high fashion hairstyling
How to crimp hair
How to crimp hair to create volume for hair styling

Back Combing
How to properly back comb hair without damaging it
Products and tools required for back combing
How to remove back combing that client is comfortable

Blow drying
Blow dry concentrator Nozzle
Blow dry with a diffuser
Blow drying for volume
Blow drying to create flicks at the end of the hair
Blow drying to turn under at the ends

Various types of Stuffing
Back Comb padding/stuffing
Crescent padding/stuffing
Oblong padding/stuffing
Round padding/stuffing

Braiding/Plaiting/ Choti
Introduction to latest braiding techniques
Types of braids
3 strands braid
French braid
Dutch braid
Waterfall braid
Fish tail braid
Snake braid
Twisting braid
Punjabi Gol Choti
Using of hair extension
South Indian style of Choti Decoration.

Hair UP – Bridal, Fashion and contemporary – 55 styles

Enhancement Topics
How to accessorize hairstyles
How to do hairstyling in fine or sparse hair
How to place Mangtika, Jhumar, Patti & Tiara